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``Helping less fortunate children thrive``

At KCF we focus on helping children who come from poverty and very vulnerable life conditions. Our focus on helping families who are unable to afford early education costs and prior services and help them take the proper steps and receive the proper funding to move these kids into the education system.

Due to poverty, the local families from Tanzania have failed to adopt systems such as pre-education, thus putting the kids in very challenging positions when come time to go to school.

Many kids never make it into the education system due to rough life conditions and improper family funds.

Our organization is working to eliminate this. Currently KCF has secured a children center where children aged between 3 to 5 years old from various poor families and orphanages have a safe place to come and are brought up together, gaining the necessary tools to start life.

This process is free of charges to all children in the center and their families. We provide daily meals to the kids, who might not get a meal in the day; clothing, studying equipment, books, pencils and a safe and fun environment for kids to learn, play and thrive.

Our program covers all children from the younger age of 3 to 5 years old helps them prepare a proper foundation and the funds to attend/register for a primary education.

Once the kids are in primary school the center continues to support them and oversee their education costs through the completion of 7th grade (class VII).

Our goal, really is to give these kids a chance at life.