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Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation (KCF) is a non-governmental organization working to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Tanzania. We assist children who live in poverty and are unable to receive proper education and health services. KCF’s community outreach projects strive to improve the lives of Tanzania’s children by providing them with proper clothing, nourishment, education and medical care. We also work to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children by renovating local schools, orphanages, and houses to ensure they live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

KCF was founded in 2014, and was originally called the Kilimanjaro Community Support Foundation (KCSF). Due to the Tanzania registration act of 5/5/2015 we officially changed our name to the Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation. We are officially licensed and recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization by the United Republic of Tanzania our registration number is 00NGO/00007950.

Our mission is to provide a brighter future to disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

Our vision is for all children to have a bright and hopeful future.


Founder Frank and directors Pilot, Scott and Jillian work with our advisors and members to accomplish our mission, vision and objectives


Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation aims to:
  • Provide quality primary education to vulnerable children and ensure they have adequate resources.


  • Promote the welfare of children by assisting vulnerable families and establishing incoming generating activities.
  • Improve living and learning environments by renovating and rebuilding schools, orphanages, and community buildings.


  • Promote health education and improve access to healthcare for disadvantaged children.


Our projects focus on:


At KCF, we understand that certain “charitable” organizations in our area have earned a bad reputation for the misuse of funds. That is why we firmly believe in full transparency, making sure every dollar we receive is effectively utilized in the best interest of the children and communities we are helping, while providing our donors and volunteers with up-to-date information on how donations are spent, and the positive impacts they are having.


Fighting for welfare of the children is our daily business; we have to make sure they get all the support they deserve with no obstacle for a bright future.


Our mission is to take action and be the voice of the future for disadvantaged and vulnerable children.


To deliver health care, health awareness, enhance childrens access to primary level education and to promote welfare of children.